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Install your own SEO Control Panel today itself than paying for third party sites for life time.

Use your own control panel for SEO like we use Cpanel for wed designers in Cardiff Red lion design server administration. Install Seo Panel today itself and track all SEO processes of your websites at a single platform.

It is completely free and an open source program. You can also customize seo panel features by creating new plugins for seo panel.

Seo panel released on 3rd January 2010, With in this short period of time thousands of webmasters are using it and creating new plugins for it.

It is providing lots of Hot SEO tools for current SEO industry.

a) Automatic Directory Submission Tool

b) Keyword Position Checker

c) Sitemap Generator

d) Google and Alexa Rank Checker

e) Seo Panel Plugins –  to extend the features to any level

g) Backlinks Checker
Ads by Google

f)  Search Engine Saturation Checker

Recently Seo Panel 2.2.0 released in 13 languages with most exiting features.

a) Proxy Server Feature

Now you can add proxy server to seo panel and generate reports using proxy server. That will help us to reduce the load of our main site.

b) Multi Language Support

Now seo panel can be used in multi languages and user can set their native language for their session. Currently seo panel support languages English, French, German, Polish, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Chinese

c) Print and Export reports

You can easily print and export data from seo panel and save it for future use.

d) Import Keywords to seo panel

Also you can import keywords from other softwares to seo panel using simple keyword import interface.

e) Improved Directory Submission Manager

Improved features of directory submission manager by adding google pagerank and language filters while submission.

f) Fixed all bugs

Fixed all bugs related with cron,reports generation and directory submission. Also fixed all security vulnerabilities reported by Secunia Research Center.

Download Link –

Demo Link –

login : spadmin
password : spadmin

Install and upgrade your seo panel today itself.

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