USB Flash Pen Backup | USB Pen Drive Backup

Do you need an easy peasy way to backup your PC files? If the answer is yes then then USB Flash Backup is an automatic backup software which can take away the issues of having to remember to do a manual backup.

Peace of mind for as little as 20$ (Around £14 at 20/02/12)

Just some of the key advantages:-

Main Advantages of using USB Flash Backup.

  • Backup Files and Folders Automatically to any USB Drive.
    Simply install and configure the software using simple drag and drop techniques. Drag and drop the folders and files that you would like to automatically back up to your USB drive into the backup window and your ready to go.
  • Never worry about backing up again – USB Flash Backup is completely automatic.
    If its your office computer or home computer you should always backup your important data, photographs, music, documents and accounts etc. Download our free trial of USB Flash Backup today and you will be amazed how easy it is to backup everyday. In fact you can completely forget about backing up because its 100% automatic with USB Flash Backup.
  • Auto back up as USB drive is inserted – No key strokes or mouse clicks required.
    Once you have set up the software it will automatically start with windows (if selected in control panel) – just insert your chosen USB pen drive and your back ups will begin. No more mouse clicks or drag and drops needed – Just sit back and back up.
  • User friendly interface for easy configuration
    Simple drag and drop techniques and check boxes are all that you need to use to configure the backup software. To change the configurations its just a few simple mouse clicks away. We have even included a help box which explains each control as you hover over it.
  • U3 Smart Drive & Microsoft Vista Compatible
    Our software is fully compatible with U3 Smart enabled USB drives and the New Windows Vista operating system.
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