Snitz Forums 2000 MYSQL database error 80040e57 when installing the setup.asp

Answer to – Help im getting ERROR – Microsoft JET Database Engine error ‘80040e57’ when trying to install Snitz Forums 2000 on my hosting provider using mysql database.

Firstly you would have edited your Snitz config.asp with the server name, database name, login name and password to match the MySQL database you setup on your hosting provider.


(remove the ‘ )

‘strDBType = “mysql”

‘strConnString = “driver={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};option=16387;server=LOCALHOST;user=YOURUSERNAME;password=YOURPASSWORD;DATABASE=YOURDATABASENAME;” ‘## MySQL w/ MyODBC v3.51

After you have edited the config.asp file you would then upload your files via FTP to your hosting server and the run the setup.asp file Example – http://www.YOURDOMAINNAME.COM/setup.asp

But when you try to run the setup for Snitz you may come across from following error when the script try’s to build your database tables.

ERROR – Microsoft JET Database Engine error ‘80040e57’

This error basically means “cant find the database”

The reason is because your hosting provider will be running a Windows 2008 Server and the old ODBC 3.51 driver for MYSQL will not be installed. You may find that ODBC Version 5.1 will be installed. Depending if you have a dedicate server you will be completely unaware what driver is installed unless.

So all you need to do is use the following amended string I changed.

strConnString = “driver={MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver};option=16387;server=LOCALHOST;user=YOURUSERNAME;password=YOURPASSWORD;DATABASE=YOURDATABASENAME;” ‘## MySQL w/ MyODBC v5.1

There maybe after reason you get the above error so make sure your string settings are right first before trying this.

Hope this helps others!

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