PHPBB Forum Must Have Mods and Tools

These are some must have MOD and tools for your PHPBB Forums.

SEO Tools

phpBB SEO Ultimate SEO URL – Turns your real twitter followers topics names into URL links using the subject instead of just “topic21” etc.

phpBB SEO Dynamic Meta tags – Plugin to help manage your meta tag.

phpBB SEO Related Topics – Shows related topics under the topic being viewed.

phpBB SEO No Duplicate – Removes any topics from the SEO fuctions.

Webmasters Google Tools

Sitemap FX – Generate XML Sitemap file to upload to your Google Webmaster Tools.


Advertisement Management – Tool to easily put ads on your forum.


AutoMod – Easy Install tool to help install MODS.

Disallow links before x posts – Prevent spammers posting links on your forum by requiring a number of posts first.

Share topic – Plugin to share topics links on Facebook, Twitter, etc

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