iPhone storage device not showing in Windows Explorer – “My Computer” – Windows XP, Vista, 7

I came across a issue with my iPhone when connecting it to the PC to backup the pictures. As you may be aware any pictures taken on the device doesn’t backup automatically on the iTunes software.

The way to do it is to access your files via the iPhone storage device in explorer.

The issue I had was the iPhone storage device wasn’t showing in explore and this is what I did to fix the issue:-

Device Manager -> Imaging Device -> iPhone -> Righ Click and  Uninstall.


Device Manager -> Portable Devices-> iPhone -> Righ Click and  Uninstall.

Then unplug/plug the your iPhone, wait a bit for windows to reconginze the device and make the changes

(in Device Manager, you will now see the new recognized Device changing from “digital camera” to “Apple Iphone”

You should get a popup now asking you to open via “AutoPlay” unless you have it disabled autoplay, you can just Press F5 to refresh your windows explorer -and the Apple iPhone will finally appear.

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