Free Web Hosting – Hints and tips on getting free hosting

If you have a small site that you’ll be using for non critical data etc then free hosting might be your solution. You can use your own domain name (etc or similar or sometimes you even get a domain name included. This is normally in the format of

One thing to keep in mind is that free hosting companies can come and go very quickly so it’s best to stick with an established one. You can find links to them on this page.

Free Website Hosting

Personally, I have used the free hosting services in the past which have been stable, easy to use but not always straight forward to set up. Therefore I offer the following advice if you are going down the free host route.

1. Make sure you sign up with full details – answer all the questions asked on the site registration. The site owners manually check applicants. Anyone missing or giving duff information will be straight in the bin.

2. They don’t normally like webmail addressed on the registration, eg hotmail or yahoo. This is because they are easy to set up for just that one purpose and then dismissed afterwards and not checked frequently.

3. Follow the rules in the terms and conditions. Once you have set up the site, don’t start filesharing from it or hosting illegal content. It will be closed immediately. Don’t be surprised if you break the rules that your account is deleted straight away. It’s probably in the terms that they can delete it without question..

Used properly, free hosting is a great alternative to start a site up with low costs

My recommendation for Free Web Hosting would be 000webhost. With them you get:

250Mb Web Space
100Gb Traffic

Free Website Hosting

Click here to get your free hosting.


Good luck

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