Deenkee Robot Vacuum, DK600MAX 2000PA Upgraded 120 Mins Run time Robot Vacuum Cleaner,6 Cleaning Modes Robot Vacuum, Auto Boost,Slim & Quiet,Self-Charging, Ideal for Pet Hair,Hard Floor&Carpet

Deenkee Robot Vacuum, DK600MAX 2000PA Upgraded 120 Mins Run time Robot Vacuum Cleaner,6 Cleaning Modes Robot Vacuum, Auto Boost,Slim & Quiet,Self-Charging, Ideal for Pet Hair,Hard Floor&Carpet Price: £179.99 (as of 03/01/2024 03:55 PST- Details)

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DEENKEE Robot Vacuum Key for Easy Life

The DEENKEE Home Appliance brand is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of premium home essentials, core products includes vacuum cleaner, kitchen appliances, security camera and others. Deenkee product line, deeply appreciated by consumers, is becoming a prominent brand in the marketplace.


Deenkee performs in depth studies of people’s daily life and culture best understanding and brings real, enjoyable and affordable home living experience. Deenkee brand’s experience team has specialized in developing and marketing for many years, frequently breaking boundaries brings excellent products.


No Worry for Tight Areas with DEENKEE Robot Vacuum 2.75″ Slim Body


Awesome Cleaning Effect DEENKEE Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 2000PA Powerful Suction & 2 Brush System


Leave a Wonderful Moment with Your Lovely Pets with DEENKEE Vacuum Robot Cleaner

To have a pet is to have an endless source of unconditional love — and an unyielding amount of loose fur. An additional and perfect member of the household, no matter how small and cuddly, At all times adds more housework. DEENKEE Robot vacuum cleaner are here to help, an easier way to manage constant shedding (and dirt tracking) is by scheduling DEENKEE robot vacuum to do a daily sweep for you.If you have carpeting or rugs, you need a DEENKEE robot vacuum with 2000PA Powerful suction.

If your pet is scared of loud sirens, you’ll want the quietest robot vacuum imaginable — even if your pet is in another room whilst it’s running, and especially if you’re not home. DEENKEE DK600MAX robot vacuum,it will solve this trouble with its app control and quieter design.

So,if you have a cat or dog that leaves fur all over the house,DEENKEE DK600MAX Robot vacuum can easily help you with your pet’s hair problem.


Incredible Performance DEENKEE Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Long Battery Life

Deenkee Robot Vacuum Cleaner provides about 120 minutes run time which means that even large houses can be cleaned in one go. The robot vacuum will go back to the charging base automatically when battery is running low or finish vacuuming, making sure that it is At all times ready to clean on standby.


  • INSTALL the charging base in a place that robot can easily access. It is recommended place the charging base on a hard, level surface and against a wall.
  • Remove objects within 3ft of the left and right side and within 6ft of the front of the charging base.
  • Connect the round connector of the adapter into the power socket on the charging base and the other end into a wall outlet.
  • MAKE SURE the charging base is At all times plugged in, then the indicator light on top of the charging seat should be on white, otherwise the robot won’t be able to automatically find its way back to the charging base





Anti-drop Sensor

Smart robot vacuum builds in intelligent drop-sensing can detect height automatically, keep your robot cleaner from falling down stairs.

Lower noise & stronger power

With a noise level of only 55dB, you and your family will not be disturbed during happy hours and the cleaning task will be done silently.

At all times Ready to Clean

The Robot Vacuum will automatically return to the charging base when power is low, ensuring it’s At all times charged and ready to vacuum.

What You Get

DK600Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner * 1

Remote control* 1(2 AAA batteries included)

Power adapter* 1

User Manual* 1 Cleaning Tool* 1

Charging stand * 1 side brush * 4

Additional filter * 1

Magnetic border strip * 1


DEENKEE DK600MAX Super-Slim and Powerful Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Smart and Efficient Robot Vacuum

Achieve the smart 3-in-1, sweeping , vacuuming and mopping function all together(Pls note: the water tank sold separately)

Super Quite Vacuum

Effectively minimize noise whilst our robot vacuum cleaning, you’ll be able to focus on what you are doing without being disturbed.

Magnetic Boundary Strip

Identify the area or item you do not want robot ro get close to.TIPS: Make sure the strip is placed flat on the floor or under an area rug.

Important Tips.

1.Remove power cords and small objects from the floor that may entangle robot.

2.Keep Deenkee Robot Vacuum away from wet area.

3. Deenkee Robot Vacuum may climb on top of subjects less than 0.63 in/16

mm in height. Remove these objects if imaginable.

4.Keep robot away from spaces lower than 2.87 in to prevent robot from getting stuck If necessary, place a physical barrier block off the problem areas.

5.Fold tasseled edges of area rugs underneath to prevent tangling robot.Avoid cleaning very dark-colored high-pile rugs or rugs thicker than 1.02 in as they may cause robot to malfunction.

6.Anti-drop sensors prevent robot from tumbling down stairs and steep drops. They may work less effective if dirty or used on reflective/very dark-colored floors. It is recommended to place physical barriers to block off areas where Robot may fall.

【2000Pa Upgraded Suction】:DEENKEE robot vacuum cleaner’s new upgrad brings you 2000Pa of super suction power to solve your cleaning problems.The Deenkee picks up dust, fruit shells, pet hair, cat litter,etc,solves cleaning problems easily whilst maintaining quiet operation,no louder than a microwave.
【Auto-Boost Intellect Technology】:Automatically switches to MAX power within 1.3 seconds to pull dirts and hairs lodged in rugs, super climbing ability makes the robot vacuum cleaner move effortlessly from floor to carpet.Deenkee will not let any litters hide deep in the carpet.
【Smart Navigation System & Anti-Drop Sensor】:DEENKEE with the combination of multiple types of sensors, the robotic vacuum clear can intelligently identify obstacles and prevent to collision your furniture or door.With the intelligent navigation system, the robotic vacuum can clean your room very well, with a coverage rate of 82.5%.
【Long Battery Life & 120 Mins Using Time & Self-Charging】:2600mAh high capacity battery can provide about 120min cleaning time and meet your needs of daily use.With the automatically self-charging design,the robot vacuum is At all times ready to clean.
【6 Efficient Cleaning Modes】:DEENKEE robot vacuum cleaner adopts 6 selective cleaning modes which includes Spot Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, Max Vacuuming Cleaning, Single Room Cleaning, Automatic Cleaning and Timing Cleaning to easily clean your home. Enjoy your time and leave this vacuum to take care of your home. The vacuum can detect boundary strips to keep DEENKEE in the rooms you need to clean.
【Remote control】:The simple and convenient remote control operation saves you numerous unnecessary troubles and makes it easy to start the robot vacuum.
【2.75″ Super Thin & Quiet】:The ultra-slim body is designed to get into and out of tight spaces such as under bed, cupboard and sofa, cleaning places you normally couldn’t clean. 2000mAh of suction power with only 55 decibels of noise allows the vacuum to run without disturbing you and your family’s happy hours.
【600ml Dust Bin】:DEENKEE’s large bin capacity and intelligent control water tank provides more convenience for sweeping and reduces the number of times you have to empty and clean it.(Pls note:the water tank sold separately.
【What You Get】DK600MAX Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Remote Control(2 AAA batteries included, 2600 mAh), AC Power adapter, Additional filter, Magnetic border strip, Cleaning Tool, 4 side brush, Charging stand, User Manual and professional customer service with our worry-free 12-month warranty.

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