SOTI MobiControl Exchange ActiveSync Configuration Policy Not Applying

The SOTI MobiControl “Exchange ActiveSync Configuration” policy doesn’t configure the Domain, Server or User details. All the other settings seem to apply. This was an issue in version 8, 8.5 and still doesn’t work in version 8.51

This seems to be only affecting the Motorola ES400 device.

A temporary work around is to  create a XML script like the one below to input the “Domain” & “Server” . The end user just then has to enter his/her login details.

This would only cause an if someone wanted to apply this policy per device to include the “User” field. If this is the case you will need to wait till SOTI fix the issue.

Temp work around for OWA details


<characteristic type=”Sync”>

<characteristic type=”Connection”>

<parm name=”Domain” value=”SWIFT”/>

<parm name=”Server” value=””/>

<parm name=”User” value=””/>





Does not apply to ES400

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