McAfee Email and Web Security Appliance 5.1 – Stop Outbound SMTP email being Spam Filtered.

We experienced the following issue after implementing the McAfee Appliance in front of our Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server. The inbound SMTP comes through the Appliance and the outbound SMTP is routed by the exchange server using SMART HOST back through the appliance.

The McAfee Email and Web Security Appliance by default “we discovered”, also runs the spam filtering engines on our outbound mail and was then placing emails into quarantine. This then lead to external addresses being emailed quarantine digest reports that they shouldn’t have been sent and of course cant manage the quarantine interface anyway.

After reading the McAfee manual and documentation for the appliance there was nothing that highlighted how to exclude your outbound email from the filters. We did consider adding all our domains to the Spam whitelist senders but this would have of allowed spammers sending inbound emails spoofing our domains names to bypass the spam filters. “of course we don’t use reverse DNS lookup checks on inbound email as other mail servers are usually never configured correctly”

I then came across the following solution after testing the appliance rules so to resolve you just need to apply the following in your email polices.

  1. Login To your McAfee Email and Web Security Appliance interface
  2. Navigate to  – Email / email policies
  3. Now Click Add Policy
  4. Give your policy a name “e.g. Exchange Outbound”
  5. Select Outbound Email Direction
  6. Now click the Add Rule button
  7. Select rule type – (Source IP) or (Source Host Name)
  8. Enter your mail server (IP Address) or (DNS Name) in eh value you field
  9. Now click ok
  10. Now Disable all the Spam checks on your new rule

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