How to move your phpbb forum to another web hosting company

Moving you PHPBB forum is a very easy process so don’t let your current hosting provider keep you put when your not happy with the service or cost.Just read some webhosting review and pick the one that suits you.

The  points  below just highlight the basic process but if your no I.T guru then the following guide should provide a little more information:-

1 – Backup your mysql database table (using hosting provider tools or phpadmin)
2 – Backup your forum directory (using hosting provider tools or ftp)
3 – Setup your new hosting provider
4 – Import your mysql database
5 – Upload you phpbb forum directory
6 – Do any required tweaks to config.php file (if your mysql datbase, username, password has changed)
7 – Then put your live site in offline mode
8 – Change your domain name ns servers to new hosting provider ns servers
9 – Now just wait to DNS replicate takes affect over the WWW

Backup Plan:- If the migration don’t go to plan for whatever reason just simply point the NS servers back to your old hosting provider and re-enable the forum online once DNS has repopulated.

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