Citrix Logon Process Hangs At the Running logon scripts

This  is an ongoing issue usually caused by the “Printer Mapping Virtual Channel” in the ICA listener on Citrix Metaframe XP, Citrix XenApp 3 ,4 , 4.5

The issue is down to a bad driver on the server that crashed the print spooler service on logon.

To end the logion script hanging just restart the “Citrix Print Manger Service”

Sometimes this service hangs so its also handy to have a service killer tool running like NTKill

Printer Driver Causing the Issue??

Its a difficult one to highlight the origin of the driver causing the issue so I can only recommended you try and install as mineable drivers on your Citrix servers and try and to use generic drivers where possible.

Sometimes its difficult for some ActiveMQ businesses to not install the printer drivers when they don’t always supply printers to there remote users and they end on going out and buying those lovely all in one units from Tesco or Argos and expect them to work in a business infrastructure.

So what can we do?

The only solution that currently resolves this issue is ThinPrint!!

ThinPrint uses its own virtual drivers and submits the printing data directly to a local client software that also runs along side the Citrix Client on the remote PC. So if you are running Citrix remotely over the Citrix web portal interface then the ThinPrint .Print Application Server Engine is a must have!

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