Cheap Online Banner Spaces For Sale

Corporate Computers have now launched an online banner selling system with many different niche types available.

Banner Service Overview

Your banner will remain on the website for a maximum of “1 YEAR” or until your “CLICKS RUN OUT”.

Our site is offering rotating banner advertising on a cost per click basis ( CPC). “Maximum of 10 rotating ads per banner space”.

The majority of sites charge on a monthly basis, on average £10.00 per month irrespective of how many clicks you receive, so by using our package you will get much better value for your money.  Our £10.00 fee will last you until you have used all your 100 click credits.

Our package is similar to Google Absence, where you will be provided with an ad management interface which allows you to fully monitor your banner ad clicks, impressions and also change your banner image if required. We can also email an automated weekly report to you on request.

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